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Google SMS Channels

Posted in Technical by Halley on October 1, 2008

Google SMS Channels is a service that enables channels/groups on SMS. It’s a free service that enables you to get premium content published by Google publishing partners, Google popular products (Google News, Blogger and Google Groups) and websites with RSS/Atom support for free. SMS Channels allows you to create your own channel(s) to publish content that other users can subscribe to. You can also create groups over SMS to communicate with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Google is now moving into the mobile arena. First Mobile Search and now Google SMS Channel. This is going to make a revoloution here. The part I love is the Private Channel Feature. Families or friends can create private SMS groups on Google SMS channels and stay in touch via SMS without paying any fees to their mobile carrier. Smart, isnt it? You can also subscribe to Blog RSS Feeds via SMS too!!!

Create a new channel and invite your friends. And whatever you post in the channel will be received by all the members of the group. Going to create a new group today itself for my friends!! The best thing I love, I can post messages from the Web itself!!!

Since its coming from Google, you can surely except some ads in it too. Google ads are an indispensable part of Google Services. Nothing is available for free in the World Wide Web!

Google retains the right to place advertisements from its various partners and customers, with the Messages made available through the Channels and you hereby expressly agree and acknowledge that you have no objection to such placement of advertisements by Google.

SMS Channel Terms of Use. And the last thing I want is Google Ads in my inbox!!!