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Something which will become a Big Thing!!!

Posted in Personal by Halley on November 2, 2008

Well, the thing I am talking about is nothing other than the blog http://kerala-java-techies.blogspot.com/

This is a blog created by our trainer Arafath Aboobacker. The blog will be authored by the guys (and gals of course) who are working with NIIT as trainers. Arafath’s dream (and we share it too) is to make this blog a one stop destination for all the queries related to Java technology!!! And I hope it will become one soon!

I quote from some one , (dunno exactly who said these words)

Reach for the stars,
Hold on to your dreams.
And one day those same dreams may
Infact become realities…

Well this is our dream.. And together, we can make it a reality!!!

Featured in the photo is our Java trainer Arafath Aboobacker. Photograph was taken by me during our J2EE training at Thripoonithura in October.

And here is our whole group with Arafath!!! Taken during the last day of our training!

And yeah, here is our group photo taken during our training time at Thripoonithura!!!