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Adventures of a food lover in Bangalore

Posted in Personal by Halley on August 15, 2011

After such a long time, I’ve decided to ressuruct my blog. The inspiration came from my collegue asking me about some good places to eat in Bangalore. And here I am, a self confessed food lover, roaming all around Bangalore looking for good food. This post is about one such adventure I had with my dear friend Naveen.

It started all with a call from Naveen asking me about my plans for the Sunday. I was pretty much free and nothing important to do. So I told him that I’ll meet him at his workplace at Malleswaram by 12. We met, went to Mantri Mall for some window shopping and exploring and our plan was to have lunch by 2. But we got delayed by some reasons and finally, we ended up in the newly opened outlet of MTR near Majestic Bus Station.

Well, the name MTR is enough for all those who knows about to food to understand the quality and taste of food that we had from there. It was a mindblowing experience, which also changed my outlook towards Bisi Bele Bath atleast.

Taking cue from Cadbury Dairymilk, we also decided to start our adventure with a sweet. So, the first thing we tried was a sweet called Chandrahara. Naveen told me that its a special and exclusive sweet served only in MTR and that too, only on Sundays.Its made from wheat, milk and ghee is what I understood. But who cares about the ingredients when you are too immersed in the sweet and heavenly taste.

Next on the table was a plate of Khara bath with some awesome tasting chutney and Bisi bele bath served with a small amount of ghee and raitha!! Fantastic combination guys.. Trust me. After eating the Bisi Bele Bath served by those Darshinis and Upahars and even the food courts of my company, I used to run away from it. The moment someone says the B of Bisi Bele bath, am out of the place like an escape artist. But this… This was pure ectasy. Both the Bisi Bele Bath and the Khara bath. Once these ended up safely in our stomach, We moved on to have something else on our table.. Masala Dose..!!! Nothing other than the best.. I have eated Masala Dose from many places in Bangalore. And this is one of the best tasting ones. And to finish everything, a jamun too.

I entered the place, famished and hungry and exited wishing I had a taxi to drop me till my place. Intoxicated with great tasting food! Hats off to MTR and a great thanks to Naveen. Stay tuned for my next adventure… Till then, take care.